Cosmetic packaging materials are divided into insourcing and outsourcing, and can also be divided into soft and hard bags. The quality of the packaging material directly determines the brand image of the product. Therefore, the Chinese cosmetic packaging company specifically targets packaging materials products and integrates the needs of different packaging materials procurement users Standard, talk about its basic quality requirements, for your reference:

Basic requirements for containers and packaging materials for containers:
1. Bottle
 The body of the bottle should be stable, the surface should be smooth, the thickness of the bottle wall should be basically uniform, there should be no obvious scars or deformation, and there should be no cold explosion or cracks. The mouth of the bottle should be straight and smooth, without burrs (burr), and the matching structure of thread and bayonet is intact and straight. The cooperation between the bottle and the cap should be tight, without slipping, loosening, or leakage. The inside and outside of the bottle should be clean.
2. Hose
The hose body should be smooth, tidy, uniform in thickness, without obvious scratches, and the color should be uniform. The hose sealing should be firm and straight, and there should be no openings or wrinkles (except for the normal indentation of the mold (title: mother of industry)). The composite membrane of the hose should have no floating phenomenon.
3. Lid

Inner cover: The inner cover should be complete, smooth, clean and not deformed. Lipstick tube manufacturers with a large scale usually have a MOQ of 10,000. Very few small manufacturers have more varieties, and a single product can be counted as 3,000 MOQ. Few customers open their own molds, most of them are public molds. There is a deviation of ± 10% between the contracted order quantity and the actual supply quantity in this industry. The inner cap should cooperate well with the bottle and outer cap. The inner cover should not be leaked.
Outer cover: The outer cover should be straight, smooth, free from breakage, cracks, and burrs (burr). Lipstick tubes are marked with different capacity characteristics with different lengths. The capacity is 3ml-360ml, which can be adjusted. For aesthetic coordination, the caliber below 35 # is commonly used below 35 #, 100ml, 150ml usually use 35 # -45 # caliber, and the capacity above 150ml is required Use caliber above 45 #. The color of the outer cover should be uniform. The threaded structure of the outer cover should be intact. The color of the outer cover with anodized aluminum or bronzing should be uniform. The flip-type outer cover should be flexible to fold up, and the connection part should not be broken. The fit of the cap and the bottle should be tight, without slipping or loosening.
  4. Spray can.
  The tank body is flat, without rust spots, the welding seam is smooth, there is no obvious scratches, concave tank phenomenon, the color should be uniform (jūn yún) consistent. The mouth of the spray can should be smooth and free of wrinkles, cracks and deformation. The cover of the spray can should meet the requirements of 5.3.2.
5. Nozzle.
The spray head should be upright and clean without damage or cracks. The components of the nozzle should be complete and intact to ensure smooth spraying at night.

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