Much like they need RuneScape gold people to have a very low oddment supply so that when they release a new sale you need to purchase keys to take full advantage.Exactly exactly what I had been thinking. It disturbs me Jagex continues to ruin Runescape game, but I'm not going to let them turn into a whale. Daily keys should be sufficient no matter how many more mandatory 120s they drive.

And that is why I have not spent any XD like I ruin the key tickets that are free that you cant bank or use if you don't use all. Cant fool me! I stacked up 60 th keys out of dailies and obtained a lot of items I really wanted using all the op Crystal promo so that it worked. You can only have 5 challenges at a time that I just do mine every day. And also you can stack as many keys as you want but Jagex will try to bribe you if you don't use all your already earned keys with key tickets which can't be used.

They are drifting more and more away from posting things in their site I feel like im missing out and don't have Twitter. Please jagex start using your primary site more, and rework your own forums. Im sure we'll see more action there.Forums and they are great but needs to be polished rs 2007 gold? You mean that part of this website with useful information, but you wind up at a dead connection and get redirected to the main forum view if you browse there with Google?