The Vegetable Planter can complete multiple processes of stubble cleaning, ditching, fertilizing, sowing, covering soil, pressing and the like at one time, reduce the crushing damage of the machine to the soil, save labor and time, save fertilizer and oil, increase production and income, and protect the environment.  Whether the machine can be correctly mastered and used will directly affect its function. The following small editor will give you a detailed introduction of the relevant usage of vegetable planting machine:
The following aspects can be considered when installing the vegetable planter:
1. Installation of rotary cutter.  Each group of rotary cutters of the vegetable growing machine consists of four machetes on the left and right and two straight cutters in the middle.  During installation, the curved knife should be bent inward, with the center distance of 8cm and 16cm, and the center distance of straight knife 6cm.  The rotating direction of the rotating cutter shaft assembly is the same as the rotating direction of the tractor tire to ensure that the blade enters the soil first.  During the operation, the straight knife cuts off the long straw, and the left and right machetes throw the straw between the ridges. There is basically no long straw in the wheat furrow, creating good conditions for the growth and development of wheat.
2. Installation of fertilizer and seed opener.  When installing, the fertilizer opener should be in front, the sowing opener should be in front and back, and the U-shaped clamp fixed by bolts should be installed on the crossbeam.  Adjust its upper and lower positions according to agronomic requirements to ensure sowing and fertilization depth.  Generally, the sowing depth is 3 ~ 4 cm, and the fertilizing depth is 5cm below the seed.
3. Installation of universal joint.  The two ends of the universal joint of the vegetable growing machine have two different internal splines, of which the 8-38X32X6 internal spline is connected with the external spline of the power output shaft of the tractor and the 8-42X42X8 internal spline is connected with the power input shaft of the machine.  After installation, the two splined yoke ends should be in the same plane.