Instagram is presently adorned and used by 1 billion active users and is growing every day. The third-largest social media site, Instagram is way beyond eye-catching photographs and stunning artworks.

Gradually and with time, the photo-sharing app is turning into a gigantic and effective marketing platform that is being happily used by Fortune 500 companies for their business promotion, online marketing campaigns and online shopping.

With all the big companies coming forward to fetch all the attention of the users and website audiences, how would you put forth your brand in a way that reaches the hearts of the clients and receives the deserving attention and acclamation on Instagram? Well, the answer is through hosting an exclusive Instagram contest.

The Importance of Hosting an Instagram Contest

There are myriad ways through which you can promote your brand or company on Instagram. You can go on and buy ads. Write a copy. Or post appropriate photos of your products. There are many out there who also fetch help from websites to get likes on Instagram.

However, nothing is more effective than running a contest on Instagram. Courtesy to the user engagement, it can create. During your contest, you allow the users to engage and converse with your brand. The users are allowed to take photographs with your brand, tag their friends and family and do the promotion on your behalf.

4 Leading Brands That Showed the World How to Do Instagram Contest Right

The Avocado Contest by Love One Today

Love One Today promotes a mouth-watering way of life through avocado-eating. To get all the hype and attention, it brought forth the contest of AvoFruitFull. The users on Instagram got motivated to post their own photos of their exclusive avocado creations. The users who got most likes were awarded with a food processor, vitamin blender and themed water bottles.

Tip: providing giveaways that match with the interests and needs of your followers is a great way to make your contest a super hit.

Good Hair Day Contest by Pink Lime Look

Pink Lime Look paved the way for the contestants to be themselves during their entries. The users actively submitted their own photographs donning their best hairstyle, to join the contest. They were also allowed to select a background of their choice for the entry. All they had to do for a chance to win was to hashtag Pink Lime Look. The winning prize was a makeover worth $500.

Tip: If you decide to give away expensive prizes, make sure to reveal the prize to fetch attention.

Simon and Schuster’s How to Make Trouble

The out-of-the-box contests that beg stories from users are always in the spotlight. This particular contest influenced the users to comment with their own idea of ‘troublemaking’ strategies. The prize for this contest was a brand-new book from Cecile Richard, adorable pins, a tote bag and a cute bookmark.

Tip: The sole reason why people are there on Instagram is because they love sharing their stories. If you give away prizes as against of their stories, you would surely become a hit.

Trip to Italy by Valdo Prosecco

Everybody loves the concept of touring around the world and the countries in it. This contest by Valdo Prosecco made a trip to Italy as a prize. The users had to click a photograph of the cocktail they had prepared with Valdo Prosecco. They also went forward and shared their most-treasured recipe with a hashtag caption.

Tip: Let the users vote for the best photos, as a way of engaging with your brand. Instagram contests promise you with the attention that you have been craving, user engagement and interest. Brands across the world now understand why is it important to buy real Instagram followers, in order to stand out and make a difference in the minds of the users. All you really have to do is research the best kind of contests and plans to set them up. There are also loads of prizes that you can decide to give away like cash, exclusive knick-knack and anything that resonates with your business.

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