Every business owner knows the challenges of advertising his own business. Regardless of your business, competition is fierce. Advertising revenue is often limited, especially in small and medium businesses. That's the first reason business owners turn to customizable gifts, such as promotional keychains. Projects like this give customers and potential customers a clear reminder of his or her interaction with a particular business or representative. In addition, LED keychains, custom pens, promotional cups and similar items are relatively cheap. Compared with other forms of advertising, promotional gifts can bring greater benefits to your business.

In terms of business gifts, promotional LED keychains are among the top three. Business owners tend to use promotional keychains for advertising purposes for several reasons. First, they are the most economical. It is usually purchased for a few cents per unit. Promotional keychains are small and compact. This makes them highly portable. There is very little cargo space required to bring a box of promotional keychains to an exhibition or show. It's easy to put a handful in a pocket or purse so that they are always available once you have a chance to distribute one or more. Finally, they are practical and versatile. Most adults use some form of keychain. To be sure, few people will never use one.

However, because they are so popular, some merchants believe that promotional keychains will not have a large enough impact on the recipient. Their huge numbers just mean they are flooded with the market, and their promotional keychains may just be lost in the crowd and forgotten. However, the advantages of distributing a promotional keychain are so compelling that business owners should not abandon the idea of ​​using it as an advertising tool. Instead, business owners should take a step back and take a serious look at why promotional keychains are being used by recipients.

Frequently used promotional keychains are often dual-purpose keychains. A simple keychain with a logo, name, and business location on a piece of plastic may not impress. However, keychains that may double as other uses, such as flashlights, will be put into use immediately. Promotional keychain can be used as flashlight keychain, photo frame, whistle, pen, customized stress ball keychain, personalized bottle opener, tape measure, and double the possibility of being used by the recipient. Doubling your opportunities means your company has the potential to be remembered and patronized.

If this is your first time entering the field of promotional keychains, try not to use different types. Experiments will help you determine the impact of different types of promotional keychains on your potential customers. It will also help you reach a larger audience without having to spend more money or take up your valuable office or warehouse space.

Look for unusual shapes.
Forget circles and squares. Choose geometry and 3D shapes to make a bigger impact, such as a custom dog tag keychain.

Choose unusual colors.
Vibrant colors tend to stand out better. Make sure your logo is printed in the opposite color to the keychain and is clearly visible in its background.

Try different textures.
The more a person can feel involved, the more he or she will remember something. The eye-catching promotional keychain and unique texture will double the impression of the recipient. Try personalized leather keychains, custom metal key tags or embossed plastic keychains.


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