One of the easiest ways to add style to your house is to add feet and backsplashes to your cabinets. These two simple additions can transform the feel of your home.

   An easy way to add architectural detail is to add plastic adjustable legs under the cabinets. They can be attached under toe kicks. They give your cabinets a more pleasing visual appearance. You can add decorative feet under just one cabinet to make it stand out, or add a streamlined look under all of them.

   The baffle is the piece of wood that connects the legs. It can be very simple additions or very detailed. Baffles can be customized to support a variety of different cabinet styles and designs.

   Add baffles to the bottom of the cabinets to dress them up. Adding baffles gives the cabinets a more classic and streamlined look.

   A backsplash is also a great option to dress up a kitchen island. They can stick to your countertop overhang. Cabinet makers can create custom aprons to fit your island or bar height.

   You can make a new apron added to an island or bar look more elegant by adding legs. You can choose from a variety of styles and design details. Custom designed legs can add architectural detail to your home.

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