Home decoration lights can not only illuminate, but also play a decorative role, and also beautify the home. There are many types of home decoration lights, including wall lights, ceiling lights, ceiling lights, etc. The effects of different types of home decoration lights are different.

Home decoration light selection principles

(1) The decorative lights of the home are adapted to the height of the room. When the height of the room is below 3 meters, it is not suitable to choose a long chandelier and a crystal light with a high dip, otherwise it will hinder safety.

(2) The decorative lights of the home are suitable for the right of the room. The area of ​​home decoration lights should not be larger than 2% -3% of the room area. If the lighting is insufficient, increase the number, otherwise it will affect the decoration effect.

(3) The home decoration light is compatible with the overall decoration style. Chinese, Japanese, and European-style lighting must be coordinated with the surrounding decoration style to avoid giving people a messy feeling.

(4) The decorative lights of the home are adapted to the environmental quality of the room. Bathrooms, kitchens, and other special environments, should choose home decoration lights with special functions of moisture resistance, waterproof, to ensure normal use.

(5) The decorative lights of the home are compatible with the load-bearing capacity of the top. Especially for the top of the suspended ceiling, there must be enough load to install the appropriate home decoration light.

Types of home decoration lights

Lighting is a general term for decorative lighting. Lighting has a wide variety of shapes and ever-changing shapes. It is a very important material in home decoration projects and a large number of decorative materials used in home decoration. Home decoration lights can be divided into indoor lights and outdoor lights according to the location of use. Indoor lighting can be divided into fixed and mobile according to the fixed form, and can be divided into ceiling light, wall light, floor light, table light and so on according to the installation location. The top-mounted lighting can be divided into ceiling lights, decorative chandeliers, crystal lights, bull's-eye lights, spotlights, and mahjong lights. Since the decorative lighting is mainly installed on the top, we mainly introduce the top decorative lighting.

Features of home decoration lights

Home decoration light is a decorative material that integrates practical functions and decorative functions. It is the main facility for indoor lighting as lighting, providing bright F as a decorative material for indoor spaces.It can not only add new content to the more monotonous top colors and shapes, but also can pass the specifications of the lights, the location of the installation, and the shape. Changes such as changes in lighting and adjustment of the intensity of light can achieve the effect of accentuating the indoor atmosphere and changing the feeling of the structure of the room, especially the noble materials, elegant shapes and gorgeous colors of the lighting, which often become the finishing touch in the decoration of the room.

Repair of home decoration lights

The home decoration light is on the top of the room and is not easy to be polluted. The dust on the surface can be removed with bullets. Be careful not to wipe the dust on the metal surface with a wet cloth to prevent the surface from being polished. You can use a dry cloth to remove the dust from the ground. Home decoration lights do not light, first check the bulb is intact. If the home decoration light is damaged, replace it with a new one according to the original specifications; if the bulb is intact, check the control switch for failure, if it needs to be replaced, purchase a new reinstallation; if the switch is found to be faultless, check the incoming line of the light Whether there is detachment or looseness. When doing home decoration light maintenance, the power should be cut off, and the wiring should be faulty. It is best to ask a professional to repair it.



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