The best way to execute cheap Nba 2k22 Mt this move is at the end of a fast break, and when your paint's free of defenses. It is recommended to utilize players who have a higher Dunk Rating and Vertical like the likes of LeBron James and Kevin Durant, for this move.

The flashy dunk may be done by holding down R2 or RT as you run towards the basket . Then, flick your right hand in any directions. A flashy dunk can be performed by any person who has the pro or elite dunk packages with the corresponding dunk rating and vertical.

The kind of dazzling basketball that a player will perform is contingent on their height and rating as well as the position on the court while performing the move. If a player is running from the baseline will be able to perform a sideline dunk, while a player running from the wings will perform the hammer with one hand.

The dominant or off-hand dunk performed by pressing down R2 or RT, and then flicking the right stick to the left or right as your player runs to the paint. The hand the player uses to dunk is determined by the direction you flick the stick in the direction of the right when performing the move.

The force and intensity of mt 2k22 the dunk won't depend on whether they're using their dominant hand or off-hand when the dunk is completed. As long as the player is able to complete the dunk, you'll receive two points for having fun.