If you ask decorators what accessory can complete a room, most would confidently say curtains. I agree with this, but only when the right curtains are chosen. When it comes to choosing the right window drapes, it’s a matter of color and fabric, length and lining, and custom-made versus off-the-shelf. With so many decisions, it can feel overwhelming. China Curtain rod Manufacturers has recently launched curtains in their product lineup and I am so impressed! The quality is on point and the variety of colors and patterns are unbeatable. Why do I think this? Well, there are a few tips when it comes to finding the right curtains for your home, and we get an A+ for each. Find my tips and tricks below.

Your drapes can become a statement piece. Choose curtains with bold patterns and colors to create drama in your space. This especially works in small spaces with white or neutral walls. Play around with the color and use similar tones in your art and other accessories for consistency. These floral patterned drapes bring the right amount of color without going overboard.

Your drapes should give privacy and even block out light. The curtains are crafted with 100% lightweight polyester, and thick enough to block out some light, which is nice when you are dealing with napping children and even napping adults. I am all about letting light in, but also cozying up and blocking it out.

Your drapes need to be the right length and width. All curtains measure at 50″ x 84″, which is a standard size and can work with most window options. If you want to add even more width, add an extra drape or two for a fuller look.

Your curtains need to be machine washable. I mean, who has time to dry clean their curtains? No one! All you need to do for these drapes is machine wash cold (no bleach) and tumble dry low. It’s as easy as that. And I highly recommend keeping your curtains clean and free of dust and bugs.

The curtain rod is top ten in quality, so you can come to consult us about the curtains rod.