Airless pump technology has multiple benefits, which is why cosmetic companies produce the ideal airless pump bottle as a packaging solution for creams and serums.



Benefits of airless pump technology

Airless technology has become a new future for the cosmetics, beauty and medical packaging industries. Today, for manufacturers who want their products to stand out from the competition, airless pump bottles for cosmetic packaging solutions are on the rise.




What is the difference between airless pump bottle and regular pump bottle?

 A traditional bottle pulls the product out of the bottom of the bottle, but does not allow it to pull out the last point when it goes low. This makes consumers try to get the last point of the product from the bottom of the bottle, while exposing the product to bacteria and being oxidized, which may lose its effectiveness. Not to mention very frustrating. This is not the case for airless bottles.




How does airless work?

 The new and innovative gas-free bottle includes a bottle container, a plastic piston device located inside the body diaphragm, and a pump head located at the bottle mouth. After pressing the pump, the piston moves up inside the diaphragm.


 The pressure fills the empty cavity and then distributes the contents evenly. When your customers use a small number of products, the accuracy provided by airless pumps can be very important, especially for products that require higher precision.




Benefits of airless pump technology

 Airless packaging is suitable for liquids, liquids, creams, gels and any beauty or health application. These airless bottles are particularly suitable for formulations with high viscosity. Because they have the ability to effectively pump formulations that resist flow, there is almost no waste.


 Airless bottles can also extend product life due to their pressureless, airless chamber, which is perfect for products without preservatives and natural and organic products. Airless bottles have a high-end packaging appearance and a variety of customizable options.




Airless pumps have many advantages, such as

Excellent double protection for sensitive formulations

Ideal for dispensing high viscosity liquids to prevent flow

360-degree precise allocation and measurement

Excellent product evacuation with almost no waste

100% leak proof

Offers a variety of decoration and customizable options with a sophisticated sense of luxury

Ideal for sensitive products such as natural and organic creams, serums, foundations, etc.

Isolate the product to suppress oxidation, deterioration and bacteria.

Provides splash-free transportation without dripping and clogging during discharge.

The contents can be pumped without standing upright.

Non-immersion tube

Lighter weight than traditional pump bottles

Luxury and stylish packaging solutions with multiple decors and decor options



Consumer expectations

 Today, consumer awareness of cosmetics has greatly increased, not only in terms of ingredients, but also in some packages that can bring more benefits than others. Those engaged in cosmetics sales can be praised for this consumption shift and education. Therefore, it is important for cosmetic manufacturers to provide customers with choices.




At Ningbo RUICHANG Commodity Packaging CO , Ltd ., we offer many different types of airless pump bottles:

Single airless pump bottle-ideal for all-in-one packaging solutions, avoiding purchasing multiple components

Dual-chamber airless pump-ideal for multiple products or multiple stages

Airless tanks-reduce possible contamination of ordinary tanks

Airless Handle Bottles-a great solution compared to other ball types

Filled glass airless pump system-refillable and recyclable

Airless cosmetic syringe

Plastic or glass come in different shapes and content options and can be highly customized for customers.

The transparent-walled bottle can be colored from the outside.

Preventing exposure to air can extend shelf life by 15%.



Does your packaging reflect your brand?

In our current highly competitive cosmetics industry, you need to make sure that your packaging reflects your brand and wins the trust of your customers. At Ningbo RUICHANG Commodity Packaging CO , Ltd ., we are one of the professional Vacuum Pump Manufacturer    in China, not only focusing on your direct needs, but also guiding you to adopt technology that is more suitable for your product and brand. Our airless pump bottles are available in a variety of materials and sizes, welcome to purchase:





Our team will listen carefully to your goals in order to provide you with bold design or stylish classic concepts. We will provide state-of-the-art solutions, such as our range of airless pump bottles, to add the sparks you need on the market for your products. Depending on the airless pump product, we offer many different capacities, materials, lock options, color options and decoration options.