Natural gas hose are designed to transfer compressed air and gases from one point to another in industrial, medical, construction and agricultural applications. These hoses are generally made up of materials like NBR, PVC, EPDM , PTFE, Silicone, etc. Mostly, stainless steel or polyester fabric braiding is used as reinforcement in these hoses to ensure safety and longevity. They must also comply to various ISO, EU, and US standards for air and gas safety.

In industrial facilities, the gases that are transported may be toxic or flammable. Such applications should give special attention to selecting the right type of hose and their fittings. The gas hoses must be leakproof and resistant to breaking. Misjudgment on the hose materials, pressure requirement and fittings may lead to hose failure, which can be very dangerous in such facilities.

Different hose materials exhibit their own properties, so it is important to understand the material properties for your application and media. The following requirements are key for the safe functioning of these air and gas hoses under varying conditions.

  1. Gas diffusion

Generally, hose materials like rubber and PTFE are permeable to some degree. It means, the gas molecules can enter in or escape out through the pores of the hose. When the gas molecules escape through the pores. This outward diffusion of gas is especially hazardous when flammable gases are part of the application. Likewise, other gases may also enter the hoses, leading to contamination. An all corrugated metal hose is mostly recommended to eliminate the risk of gas diffusion.

  1. Chemical stability

Air and gas hoses can be exposed to different types of gases. The hose material should be able to withstand the chemical’s properties. Therefore, it is necessary to select the hose material directly from your application requirements, as a hose material may work for certain media and not for others.

  1. Environmental stability

Hose materials like rubber and PVC are not resistant to environmental factors like UV rays and extreme weather. The external environment should be considered while selecting the hose for your application. EPDM, Silicone, ETFE and PTFE are better options when it comes to applications prone to UV rays and extreme temperatures.

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