Gaming is the entertainment that is equally popular among children and old people. We often see them playing games in waiting areas. You must be wondering why people are getting addicted to the games.

Nick Yee is a popular scientist that researched the motives behind playing the games. According to him, there are three motivation factors. The first one is an achievement that provokes the person to advance in the game and compete with others.

The other factor is the social one that makes the person make connections with others. It also assists the person to play their role in group efforts. The third motivation factor is immersion, it makes a person become a part of a unique story and forget real-life for some time.

A person can achieve all these factors if the game is provided to him in a language that he understands. For this reason, you must take the assistance of game translation services.  

European Gaming Industry

The European gaming industry is projected to grow at the rate of 15% from 2021 till 2026. The important thing to note about the European gaming industry is that it is a separate domain that is different from conventional games. However, the demand for the games in the region has a great influence on it.

Additionally, the proliferation of smartphones with mobile subscriptions has increased the demand for mobile games. The smartphone subscription in Western Europe and Central and Eastern Europe is estimated to reach 490 million and 500 million with the help of 5G by 2025.  

The government of European countries is taking initiatives to use gaming solutions in the education system. For this purpose, the LUDUS project has developed the European Network for disseminating knowledge and best practices with the help of games. This program is led by the Erasmus+ program of the EU. ‚Äč

The people can take leverage from government initiatives only if games are provided to them in the language that they understand. For instance, if games are developed for Italy, then you must go for Italian translation services so that the game can be used for educational purposes appropriately. Additionally, government agencies in European countries are using games to train people from different departments. One such example is Europol. It is teaching law enforcement agencies how they can tackle crypto crime.

If the target audience is from Russian, to make people understand your teachings, you must take the assistance of Russian translation services. The technology with entertainment and translation is increasing its demand day by day.

An increase in literacy level has increased the demand for games among gamers. The gaming applications are immensely used in healthcare, training, and education. The old school of thought such as listening and reading is getting ineffective and people can recall only 20% to 30% of the content.

The advancement in the gaming industry is coming up with a simulation learning process that is producing good learning results. Gaming technology is reducing the training cost for both the government and companies. Thus, it is increasing the demand for serious games in the market. 

Training and development output is only attained if the game is translated into the language of the target audience. If you need to give training to Italian employees then Professional Italian translation services will assist you.

Use of Gaming in Different Industries

Do you know what a serious game is? A serious game is such a game that is used for other purposes like teaching and training, despite entertainment only.  They provide the company the platform to inculcate the competencies like problem-solving capabilities, social skills, team building, and collaborative abilities in the gamers.

In the healthcare industry, games are used for neurodevelopmental assessments in children. Healthcare professionals are also using gaming technology to treat and engage the patients to recover quickly from the disease.

For instance, Xplore is a medical platform. It uses artificial intelligence and augmented reality to reduce stress and anxiety from the patients.  Moreover, in defense games, military simulations are used to train corps.

Gaming technology is also being used in the automotive industry for training people. For example, Diginext is providing VR/AR solutions for technical training.

At present global companies are spending a large amount of money on marketing and advertising. They are also advertising through gaming platforms to create brand awareness and to enhance traffic on their site.

People will view your advertisement if the video game that they are playing is in the language that they understand. Therefore, to take other advantages from the games, you must go for video translation services. According to rough estimates, media advertisement is expected to reach USD 117.99 billion by 2023.

Thus, you can take the benefit of advertising through a gaming platform.  If you want to attract a Russian audience, then you must translate your game into the Russian language and also go for professional Russian translation services for marketing and advertising.

Wrapping Up

The gaming industry of Europe is more productive than any other continent. This is because it is using gaming technology to educate and train people. Moreover, gaming with innovative technologies like AR, VR, and simulations is making a technological impact on many fields.