While on earth, the Temporis servers have opened Dofus Kamas their doors, at the Krosmoz, in the Dofus Era, a young adventurer is in the middle of a crisis of faith. "But... What's that have to do with anything?" You request us. In one word: Xelor! Born to a family of Fecas, Varkonos, on the eve of his birthday, has made a decision that was radical -- he will go elsewhere to become a disciple of this god of huge library door opened with a creak. External, traders commended the merits of the junk they sold at the market. The young Feca had additional concerns...

Silence reigned supreme from the aisles of the library. Perhaps not a naturally, not a Iop available, and ghoul. The shelves were so high up that you had to climb tall ladders to reach the top. Despite, and fortunately the decades passed, Varkonos recalled exactly where to find what he had come for. He went directly to aisle 8 without so much as glancing in the directions, went to the end, looked in the shelf and took the seventh book. The book was so imposing that he was forced to use both hands to take it. Came out of nowhere.

"Sorry" the young Feca mumbled before sitting down on the seat. His tongue between his lips, he started reading intensively:"God of time and distance, Xelor is among the twelve major gods of the Krosmoz. Together with Cra, Ecaflip, Eniripsa, Enutrof, Feca, Iop, Osamodas, Sadida, and Sram, then Sacrier and Pandawa, he reigns over the World of the Twelve and resides at Ingloriom."

"Following the Krosmoz was made by the Great Dragon and the Great Goddess, in order to maintain the destructive chaos where the Demons reside at bay, Xelor along with another major gods decided to make the Material Plane a neutral person, to assert Ingloriom for themselves, and also to Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro depart the Shustuft Crust to Rushu's demons.The leading gods then dominated successively over several planets, such as Esscofixee and Secoxisfee. "Many planets? Varkonos did not even know there were others! Had he forgotten with time?