Very rarely do we get to experience time melting away and see centuries become minutes. When you tour Upper Egypt via the magnificent, storied Nile River, time, like the water, is very fluid. From the modern luxury of your floating accommodations, you will see the sophisticated, contemporary city of Cairo, while further down the river lies rural villages where residents still live in mudbrick homes, use wooden plows to tend their fields, and move produce on the backs of donkeys. This is Egypt, and it can best be seen from the waters of its greatest river, the Nile.

A cruise on the Nile allows visitors to see Egypt through its riverbanks. The Nile has always had significant meaning for Egyptians; it was the people's lifeblood. Today, it remains integral to the everyday lives of the seventy million people who live along its banks, and it brings thousands of visitors to the area each year. An all-inclusive cruise allows a great glimpse into Egyptian life and history, and it does so at a mellow, unhurried pace. Most cruises run for three, four, or seven days, and you are, in essence, on a floating hotel. You can unpack, relax, and sip a cold drink while viewing some of the country's most intriguing antiquities without scrambling from site to site.

Cruises usually begin or tenerife evening cruise Tours end with the city of Luxor. The site of the ancient city of Thebes, Luxor offers well-preserved temple ruins, as well as the incredible necropolis, including the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens. The beautiful, sunny city of Aswan, 81 miles to the south of Luxor is another typical starting or ending point. Enjoy the stunning natural beauty and the charm of spicy-smelling marketplaces, Nubian dancers and musicians, and remarkable tombs and temples.

With all-inclusive Nile cruises, you will tour major attractions, like the pyramids, and most expenses will be covered as part of your vacation package. A five-star cruise will include all the amenities of a luxury hotel, including swimming pools, spacious cabins, and entertainment. Depending on the ship and the cruise, you can expect to pay from $55USD to $300USD per night during most of the year, and about $70 - $85 and $375 and $450 per night during Easter and Christmas times.

A cruise of only several hours may be ideal for you - especially if you like a faster pace or just want to experience the Nile as you are on your way from here to there. A felucca, or primitive sailboat as used thousands of years ago, will whisk you on a sunset cruise around Alexandria or Cairo. Longer voyages may depart from Aswan and travel to Luxor.