Whether the kitchen is U-shaped or L-shaped, there is always a dead corner when it is placed on the cabinet. Don't underestimate this corner, it can hold a lot of things. Especially those small kitchens, corners are too wasteful of space. Are you afraid of losing money if you pull the basket like this? No matter how the cabinet is placed, there is always a dead end. L-shaped cabinets are okay, especially U-shaped cabinets. Two dead corners are a waste of space. To make the best use of dead ends, the following manufacturers of Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets will share these 3 practical methods.

1.Rotating pull basket

It mainly uses a rotating shaft to form a pulling force and a pushing force between the cabinet board and the shaft, which can place the article out of reach.

Do n’t worry if it ’s a carpenter working in a closet. Now there are people selling this kind of finished products. During construction, determine the size, and then let the woodworker help to install it.

There are many styles of pull baskets, no matter what you choose, it is OK, as long as you can meet your needs. Put bowls, pans, drinks, seasonings, and more.

Corner drawer

I also saw this kind of drawer for the first time. I never thought about it because of this design. I have to say that it is too smart.

Compared with the rotary pull basket, this drawer feels a lot more convenient, it is easier to clean, and there are more things in it. However, with this pull basket, the cabinet must be integrated.

  1. Corner "Little Monster"

It uses a kind of linkage door. When it is opened, two doors need to be opened at the same time. When it is closed, it is closed at 90 degrees.

360 ° rotation without dead angle, all the internal items can be presented in front of the operator's eyes, and there is no need to bend over to lean in, which is very convenient.

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