Intuitively, this airless bottle pump allows you to dispense contents without having to remove the lid when the internal volume is low. The benefits also outweigh the traditional pump and spray bottle solutions on the market today.





No immersion tube required

Bottles and pumps are lightweight

Shelf life extended by up to 15% (without excessive exposure to air)

Airless dispensing effect draws product out to reduce waste

Luxury packaging solutions

Can be recycled

Single, double or triple airless bottles provide multiple cosmetic solutions in one container

The liquid contents do not touch any metal springs that can cause oxidation problems

There is no backflow problem, which solves the problem of air flow back to the bottle after pumping. (This shortens the shelf life of the contents)

You can make organic and natural products with less or no chemical preservatives

Due to the Airless distribution, it does not matter whether the bottle is lying sideways or stored upside down.


Ningbo RUICHANG Commodity Packaging CO , Ltd is a professional Vacuum Pump Manufacturer    in China. In the packaging of cosmetics and skin care products, airless bottles and airless pump bottles are both beautiful and practical choices, providing high-end, luxurious appearance, while also keeping the product properly. Welcome to buy: