There are many acrylic products in our life. Today we will talk about the process of making acrylic.

Laser cutting: a non-contact cutting method. Laser can cut all kinds of photos and characters. The technology is to irradiate acrylic surface with laser beam and release energy. You can accurately cut complex shape data.

Drilling: acrylic acid depends on the direction, location and drilling of the drawing.

CNC Drilling: It is very convenient to drill holes with machines. All you need to do is to use the computer to input the drawing into the CNC machine according to the size shown on the drawing.

Polishing: Customers need high-quality products and polish their products, but this process is completed through conventional grinding and cloth wheel polishing.

The polishing methods are as follows: 1. Conventional cloth wheel polishing method 2. Fire polishing method 3. Diamond polishing method

Hot bending: hot bending of acrylic acid can be carried out in several different ways. multiple acrylic sheets can be placed in a set of hot bending machines and die sets to characterize hot bending. Most hot bends are only single or parallel hot bends, and the hot bend perspective can be controlled by prototype.

Bonding: The bonding of acrylic handicrafts is a very demanding process, which not only requires alignment, but also meets the requirements of product firmness.

Assembly: The assembly body combines several accessories into a complete product. After the final inspection of the product quality, make sure that the product has been packed and shipped.

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