PTH’s container house is an energy conservation-saving and environmental-friendly modular house, composing of light steel frame and thermal insulation wall & roof system. The products are widely used for temporary residence, as well as public housing projects.

Today we will introduce a container office, which aims to increase the available office space in a limited time by using the modular design of containers. 90% of the total materials are recycled materials.

The load-bearing structure of the whole building consists of a 20-foot container, which is divided into two parts, one part with three layers stacked directly. The other part is enclosed by containers into a grid, stacked in pairs.

Due to the demand for thermal insulation, the container with three layers stacked directly is covered with thermal insulation. However, the indoor container body is directly exposed indoors without any modification. Through the opening in the facade, a unique separation is created between the spaces. The project has created a large space full of vitality and social atmosphere.

The windows from "head" to "foot" provide a broad view and a sunny workplace. The stacking direction of containers and the arrangement of internal windows have brought about a lot of visual communication between different working spaces. A dynamic working atmosphere encouraging cooperation has been formed in the building, while preserving the privacy of individuals.

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