For a long time, it has been a warning sign to encourage customers to be more cautious when going to a store that sells delicate things. However, with the rise of eCommerce, consumers are highly concerned about safe packaging. If a consumer receives a defective product, it is now your responsibility, not theirs!

As a result, it's become critical to send your items properly so that they arrive at their destination undamaged. In addition, you must verify that the packing is acceptable and does not affect the goods to ensure that the transportation is safe.

Basic of Safe Packaging

One of the essential packaging functions is to protect the product from road friction while being transported. Fragile items are protected by packaging, which acts as a safety blanket. Cardboard box manufacturers in Mumbai provide durable packaging materials.

When faced with a modest or high impact force, the packaging material must ensure that the package does not shatter. In addition, it must be sufficient to absorb the impact's shock and safeguard the fragile object from further harm.

Use the suitable packaging materials from cardboard box manufacturers in Mumbai

The packing materials you choose might make the difference between your fragile things arriving in one piece or several parts. As a result, make sure you use the appropriate packing materials.

You need bubble wrap, newspaper, packing paper, or old clothes to give extra protection for the products inside the box. However, pliable cardboard, Sturdy cardboard boxes, etc., from cardboard box manufacturers in Mumbai can deliver your package the maximum protection.

Make sure you pack your breakables properly

Wrap each glass in packing paper and then fill the remaining area with crumpled paper. In a container lined with packing paper, place the heaviest objects at the bottom and the lightest objects at the top.

1. Paintings/Pictures/Frames - Pack the paintings and frames individually in a small and medium box covered with paper. Insert crumpled paper between each piece if the frame is around 8 inches or larger. To prevent the parts from moving during transportation, fill the empty places with packing paper.

2. Speciality products - It's critical to examine the size and shape of huge delicate things irregularly shaped while packing them. Wrap each item in bubble wrap and attach it with tape separately. Place the packaged object on a piece of malleable cardboard, then another bit of pliable cardboard over it. Bend the cardboard ends together until they touch, then tape them together. Cover the whole piece with tape if necessary to ensure that it is solid and packed tightly.

3. A crumpled paper should be used to fill the gaps between the packed object and the box. The final step is to tape the box shut and mark it as delicate. Again, it’s critical to plan ahead of time and correctly wrap your gifts, especially whether you're sending them to clients, friends, or family.

Ensure to invest in the proper packaging materials from cardboard box manufacturers in Mumbai.

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