Metal hoses are important connecting components in engineering technology. They are formed by combining corrugated flexible pipes, mesh sleeves and joints. There are two wave forms of metal hose, one is spiral metal hose and the other is annular metal hose. Annular metal hoses are rolled from seamless or welded pipes and are usually short in length. Metal hoses assembled by annular metal hoses are generally selected on shorter pipelines or equipment. Annular bellows are characterized by good elasticity and small rigidity.

The net sleeve of the metal hose is made of stainless steel wire (stainless steel strip), which not only increases the pressure of the metal hose, but also protects the bellows. There are various types of metal hose joints, which can be selected according to the actual situation of the project. There are many metal hoses, customers can choose according to the actual situation.

The metal hose is made of austenitic stainless steel, mainly 304 metal hose and 316 metal hose, and can also be made of materials required by users. There are two kinds of bellows used for metal hoses, one is spiral corrugation and the other is annular corrugation. The specification of metal hose is DN20-DN100. The pressure of metal hose can be divided into 10KG pressure metal hose, 16KG pressure metal hose, 25KG metal hose, 40KG, etc.

The connection modes of metal hoses are divided into flange connection metal hoses, screw thread connection and quick joint connection metal hoses. Small diameter metal hoses are generally connected by screw thread and quick joint, while larger diameter metal hoses are generally connected by flange. Metal hose has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, while tetrafluoroethylene-lined metal hose has strong corrosion resistance and antistatic function.

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