After injection molding, the plastic is melted and injected into the mold with pressure. The blow molding bottle is heated and softened with the plastic preforms and put into the mold. High-pressure air is added to the preforms to make the softened preforms stretch and thin to form the same product as the mold. At present, cosmetic bottles generally include a shell and a cover body that covers the shell. The shell is often processed by a blow molding or injection molding process. The cosmetic container bottle processed through the bottle blowing process has many problems such as defective products. The casing may be single-layered or double-layered.


In the traditional technology, the shell made by the injection molding process is usually a single-layer structure, but when the shell is used to achieve the effect of the double-layer structure, the shell needs to be made into a high-wall thickness container, and the side wall of the shell For solid, the shell after molding is heavy. Compared with the hollow double-layer structure shell, the material cost is high, the cost of processing high-wall-thick molds is high, the processing efficiency is long due to the long molding cycle, and it is easy to deform during processing, and the yield is low due to shrinkage.

In view of this, cosmetic bottles are processed by injection molding to reduce the defective rate of products and improve the quality and aesthetics of the products. In order to meet the process requirements such as mold opening during injection molding, the bottom of the outer shell is an open type, and a bottom cover is equipped with the open type bottom.


Cosmetics are essential items for women. Because women are sensitive to fashion trends, colors, and styles, the appearance of packaging containers for cosmetics is slightly out of fashion or without any color or style Thinking, it will not be able to attract the attention of female consumers, and will have a great impact on the appearance and sales of cosmetics. Cosmetic bottles, the industry really needs to work hard to develop improvements.

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