For example, according to the color classification, we will have natural color human hair wigs, colored human hair wigs, 613 Wig, ombre human hair wigs, and so on. According to the wig cap structure classification, we have 13x4 lace front human hair wigs, 4x4 lace wigs, 360 lace front wigs, bob frontal human hair wigs, and full lace human hair wigs. 

For human hair wigs, we have many classifications Methods, such as according to wig texture, according to density, and so on, but according to the lace color classification of hair wigs, we can find that much colored human hair is dyed from natural color human hair. This is why 613 Blonde Wig also called HD lace wigs. 
As we all know that, the 613 blonde wigs are made from natural color wigs. In fact, all colorful wigs are made from natural hair wigs, because of high-quality natural 613 Frontal Wig, can be bleached and then dyed by the colorful material, so no matter what color hair wigs you want, as long as you give us the picture, we can bleach and dye according to your requirements. 
But one thing I need to tell everyone is that colorful human hair wigs need to use the light transparent lace to make the wig caps or after wearing on the head they will not look natural especially for the light colors human hair wigs. For example, 613 Lace Front Wig, this kind of human hair with a lighter color, if you want to look good with your skin after wearing, you need HD transparent lace to sew the wig caps or it will need extra foundations to make up the lace to match the head skin. According to this standard, the 613 blonde color wigs also can be called hd lace wigs.
According to the wig caps, 613 blonde color human hair wigs can be divided into hd lace wig caps and the Normal French Lace Wig Cap.
What is the reason for this? Because mslynn hd lace wigs cannot sew high-density hair on the net cap, so 613 blonde color hd lace wigs can not do the higher density wigs types, but many customers want a high-density 613 blonde color wig, this time they need Use ordinary French lace wig cap to make a high density, but this kind of 613 blonde wigs need extra steps to make the wig cap color match into your own skin. So sometimes we call 613 blonde wigs, hd lace wigs, but we cannot Call 613 blonde human hair wigs hd lace wigs.

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