With the daily development of technology and financial markets, cryptocurrency trading has become the new currency in the city. Due to their volatility, digital assets are listed on cryptocurrency exchanges in the same way that shares of limited liability companies and public corporations are listed on Wall Street.
The cryptocurrency market operates around the clock and seven days a week. while prices never stop fluctuating with market forces around the world. With the sheer number of active cryptocurrencies in the world and other considerations, no single person can effectively track price changes.
This puts automated bots into context. These bots are algorithms designed to simplify the trading process by providing accurate and efficient data about the cryptocurrencies that the user is trading.
These are tools designed to collect and analyze market data and execute trades on behalf of traders, which basically means profiting from tiny price fluctuations.
Due to their ability to report accurate and fast price changes in the cryptocurrency market, they are desirable for investors who are immersed in trading. There are several types of automated cryptocurrency trading bots available on the market. We are highly recommended to use coinbase trading bot to increase your income and save your time. 
Arbitrage bots. Taking advantage of existing market inefficiencies, arbitrage trading makes a profit by simultaneously buying and selling the same asset in different markets at different but close prices. Arbitrage is highly dependent on the speed of execution, as it is essential to buy an asset on one exchange and sell it on another at the same time, but at a higher price. Among all the auto trading solution providers that have included this feature in their platforms, the option offered by Bitsgap stands out. And all thanks to a variety of tools that allow you to analyze data from 25 crypto exchanges around the world in order to find the best opportunity to make a deal.
Net bots. Web bots place multiple buy and sell orders within a predetermined price band. Orders form a grid above and below the current price - the more levels there are, the more intensive the trading will be. Increasing the number of grids leads to a decrease in the difference in prices between them, which decreases with each transaction. Users should be careful when reducing grid space as some bots don't take exchange fees into account when calculating profits. Bitsgap is one of the few platforms that includes all fees in profit calculation and simply doesn't allow bots to make trades if they don't generate any profit for the user.
Futures bots. The main advantage of futures trading is leverage, which allows traders to open positions that exceed their initial investment, thereby increasing profits. This advantage, however, is the main danger of futures trading, since it can dramatically affect the size of the portfolio and lead to partial or even complete loss of investments.
As well as the disadvantages of using bots in blockchain trading, so are the advantages. Which surpasses them by many miles. This was made possible by the launch of the London Ethereum hard fork. It includes:
Thanks to the analysis of prices in the cryptocurrency market by graphical figures and trend lines, the interpretation of data is simplified. In this way, investors can easily read and understand charts and then make informed execution decisions, just like trend trading robots. Non-stop trading.  Bots work 24/7 as they scale fluctuations and fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices. This allows investors to save time and focus on analysis and highly profitable smart trading. Saving time.  Automated bots constantly analyze prices and trading volumes across more than ten thousand trading pairs and are capable of making thousands of trades per minute on dozens of exchanges. This kind of precision cannot be achieved by any human, while bots can handle it with ease.