Purchasing agency is a very complicated process, and there are good and bad purchasing agency services. A company's suppliers may be traders or agents. In order to find a suitable, long-term and stable partner, it is necessary to conduct management audit of the sourcing agents before formally entering into cooperation. Then, the management audit of the sourcing agents must choose from those specific aspects? What actual certificates, financial statements, what general criteria are necessary to evaluate the good and bad of an agent? The management audit of the sourcing agents is also to pay attention to the method.

The management audit of the sourcing agents should focus on:

1. The strength of the company. This is mainly reflected in the brand value status of the agency brands and agency products in similar products.

2. Business qualifications. The management audit of the sourcing agents mainly examines the agent's business license, tax registration certificate, special business license and business legality.

3. Business situation. The operation of an agent depends on the sales, profit margin, sales expenses and operating costs of the goods it represents.

4. Scale. This is mainly reflected in the economy of scale, warehouse, human organization and structure.

5. Internal management capabilities. The management audit of the sourcing agents should be reviewed in terms of purchasing, warehousing, shipping, order, processing and customer service.

6. Supply. The agent provides the timeliness, flexibility and after-sales service of the goods.

7. The relationship with the manufacturer of the agency brand.

8. The ability of technical support, spare parts, maintenance ability.

9. Financial status, whether it can afford a certain payment period.


At the very least, the agent must provide the original factory agent authorization certificate within the validity period, and the general agent certificate is only valid for a certain period of time. Enterprises must pay attention to this when conducting the management audit of the sourcing agents. The management of the agent is mainly to see whether the source of the products it supplies is legitimate, reliable, and has continuous supply (stable inventory is an important aspect). One of the roles of the agent is to advance funds for the purchaser and bear the payment risk. Most big brand manufacturers require payment on delivery, and at the same time, in order to avoid risks, the purchaser will also require payment after the goods arrive. Agents that require upfront payment are not welcome.

There is also the after-sales service, including the timeliness of customer complaint response, technical support, and the number and configuration of after-sales service personnel. For some large-volume products, it is necessary to check whether the agent has the ability to change the large-volume packaging into small packaging during the management audit of the sourcing agents. For mixing materials, agents also need to have different batching capabilities. For import and export business, agents also need to have the ability to fight for quotas, apply for licenses, and prepare customs declaration documents and other trade activities. If necessary, in the management audit of the sourcing agents, the agent can also request the original factory to provide the inspection report and so on.

The management audit of the sourcing agents must be rigorous and careful, and try not to miss one item. After all, once the contract is signed and the contract is reached, it is not easy for the company to find a problem and then want to change an agent.