As the end of the year approaches, temperatures are decreasing daily, and bedding choices are getting thicker. A comfortable and warm blanket is the choice of many people in winter. There are many blanket suppliers on the market, and there are many types of blankets. How to choose a blanket that is both high-quality and warm? Today, I will briefly introduce to you wool blankets and raschel blankets.

  1. Wool blanket

   Wool blankets are blankets made from wool. Because wool has good air permeability, and airflow layer can be formed between the gaps of the fibers under the wool surface, so it can provide an ideal constant temperature when the human body sleeps. Wool blankets are beneficial to improve the quality of human sleep, have good warmth retention, have a certain curative effect on rheumatism and arthritis patients, and alleviate the disease.

   About the cleaning of wool blankets:

  1. Do not wash with a washing machine, because the blanket is shaken violently by the machine, making it out of shape.
  2. You can soak the wool blanket with cold water, then press gently with your hands, do not wring it dry.
  3. After cleaning, it should be dried in the shade, and should not be dried in a clothes dryer, because it will shrink the blanket or make the material hard.
  4. If the wool blanket is slightly polluted, please use a clean towel dipped in a special cleaning agent with a concentration of 1% to gently wipe the polluted area and use the same method to clean it with water, then dry it in time, and comb it with a comb if necessary.

   About the maintenance of wool blankets:

  1. Avoid contact with sharp, rough items and strong alkaline items.
  2. Choose a cool and ventilated place to cool and dry, and then store it after drying.
  3. During the collection period, the cabinet should be opened regularly, ventilated and ventilated, and kept dry.
  4. In hot and humid seasons, it should be dried several times to prevent mildew.

   Raschel is also a good quality blanket. The raschel fabric itself is also an acrylic material, which is comfortable, breathable, and has an excellent thermal insulation effect. It is named after the raschel weaving method, and the special raschel weaving method makes the blanket more Thick and compact, will not deform. Raschel blankets are smooth and delicate to the touch, warm and breathable, bright in color, do not shed or fade, and look beautiful and practical.

   Raschel Blanket Cleaning:

  1. Machine wash. You can put the blanket roll into a laundry bag, then put it into the washing machine, use a general neutral detergent, wash it at room temperature, and never bleach it. After cleaning, take it out and let it dry naturally. Do not use a dryer or iron.
  2. Hand washes. First, soak the blanket in the bathtub with warm water of about 30 degrees, then add ordinary household neutral washing powder, soak for about 15 minutes, rub with your hands or lightly tread with your feet, and then rinse with water two to three times. Empty the water in the bathtub after washing, do not wring out the blanket with your hands or feet to avoid deformation. Then place the blanket in the sun to dry while lightly brushing the blanket with a soft brush.

   Raschel Blanket Care:

   When collecting, the Raschel blanket should be folded flat and placed in the wardrobe or storage bag to prevent extrusion, so as to keep the blanket soft and elastic. Do not use insect repellant when storing for long periods of time.

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