Working principle of Performance Built Log Splitter:

Wood or branches are first cut into small blocks by the blade at the bottom of the feed inlet, and then enter the crushing chamber for crushing. Rack-shaped hammer pieces are installed in the crushing chamber to hit the small blocks cut by the blade at a high speed. Screens are installed at the bottom of the machine. Screens with different apertures are matched according to different particle sizes of finished products. In the process of cutting and crushing by the blade, the rotor generates high-speed airflow, rotates along with the cutting direction of the blade, the material accelerates in the airflow, and repeated impacts cause the material to undergo double crushing at the same time, thus accelerating the crushing rate of the material.

Features of Forest King Wood Chopper;

The Forest King Log Splitter  has compact and reasonable structure, small volume, low energy consumption, high efficiency, stable operation, low noise, reliable sealing, no dust pollution, good self-cooling function, simple installation, easy disassembly and repair, and convenient replacement of damaged parts.  In view of the high noise characteristic of the forest king wood splitting machine, a silencer device has been developed to greatly reduce the working noise.