The Portable Handheld Garment Steamer is similar to our usual ironing machine, but the difference is that the ironing machine can only be flat ironed, while the hand-held garment ironing machine is mainly hanging ironing. It can also sterilize bacteria and mites, trim hairballs, etc., and has more functions.

(1) Iron the clothes to make the clothes less wrinkled and flat for easy placement.

(2) Do not pick clothes, woolen, cotton and linen, wool, chemical fiber, and other fabrics will not be damaged and maintained at a constant temperature.

(3) The two-in-one flat-lying and hanging ironing are very simple to carry, it does not take up space, and are easy to store.

(4) Sterilize and remove mites, which can sterilize and remove mites on children's toys, baby clothes, bedsheets, and quilt covers.

Do not use it if you are using a portable steam iron when the nozzle holes are clogged. If it does happen, stop using it immediately and unplug it. Other things to note are:

1. When filling with water, vacant or not in use, disconnect the power supply of the portable steam ironing machine.

2、During use, the nozzle, and other parts will become very hot, in order to avoid burns, it is forbidden to touch the nozzle during use. Do not attempt to alter certain parts while the portable steam iron is in operation.

3、The inclination angle of the portable steam ironing machine cannot exceed 35 degrees during use. If it exceeds 35 degrees, hot water may be sprayed from the nozzle to avoid danger.

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