The organizational structure of velvet is usually a weft-knitted loop structure, which can generally be divided into ground yarn and loop yarn. It is made of different raw materials such as cotton, nitrile, viscose, polyester, and nylon. According to different uses, different raw materials can be used for weaving.

   Velvet is divided into two categories: flower and plain. The surface of plain velvet seems to be all velvet loops, while the flower velvet is to cut part of the velvet loops into fluff according to the pattern, and the fluff and loops together form a pattern, which is divided into "bright flower" and "dark flower". Most of the patterns are Tuanlong, Tuanfeng, Wufu holding longevity, flowers and birds, Bogu, and other styles. The texture is often expressed with concave and convex, and the colors are mainly black, sauce purple, apricot yellow, blue, and brown. such as burnout velvet fabrics.

   The warmth retention of velvet is better than that of cotton. As velvet for clothing, cotton yarn is generally used as terry yarn. The velvet is full of fluff, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear, and beautiful. Velvet products require high grade, low linear density, long length, and fine long-staple high-quality cotton with good maturity.

   Velvet products have special requirements on the twist of terry yarn. When using cotton yarn, it is required to have a small twist and a small twist unevenness of cotton yarn. At the same time, when weaving velvet fabrics, the ground yarn should be arranged with two different twist directions, and the loop yarn should be arranged with the same twist direction, which will help to improve the quality and feel of the velvet surface.

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