What should I do if there is insufficient air-conditioning output? Zhang xingchangfan teaches you how to read.

Air conditioning maintenance inspection:

1, air conditioning maintenance air inlet is closed.

2. Whether the condenser coil and heat sink are clean.

3. Whether the refrigerant in the system is sufficient.

4. Whether the blower motor works normally.

5, blower channel is blocked.

6. Whether the air inlet filter element is blocked.

7. Whether the evaporator is blocked.

Air conditioning maintenance judgment:

1. If the high-pressure gauge shows normal pressure and the low-pressure gauge shows high pressure, it means that the evaporator pressure regulator, hot gas bypass valve and intake throttle valve have failed or been adjusted.

2, if the exhaust air temperature is higher, and the pressure gauge pressure indicator is normal, or high, low pressure increases slightly, the expansion valve filter screen is blocked;

3. If the high-pressure gauge indicates that the pressure exceeds the normal pressure, the low-pressure gauge indicates that the pressure is lower than the normal pressure, and the receiver dryer and pipeline freeze, the receiver dryer screen is blocked;

4, air conditioning maintenance if the high pressure gauge indicates more than normal pressure, there may be too much moisture in the system. If bubbles are found in the observation window, air is mixed into the system.

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