Mattress protector is usually one of the three sets of bedding shops: pillowcase, quilt cover and bed cover. Usually people are used to covering him on the bed surface.

In general, we usually see the style with more drapes on both sides and the middle covering the bed surface, and occasionally we see mattress protector specially used for Simmons surrounded by 5 sides (front, back, left, right, top).

The main function of mattress protector is really simple, that is, to prevent dust from falling off the sheets. Therefore, for those who wash the sheets frequently, the use of mattress protector does not matter.

Because mattress protector is very troublesome to use, it needs to be uncovered every time it is used and then put back when it is used up, so people use mattress protector to form a new habit, that is, to go to bed in plain clothes. As a result, the function of the bed is improved, and you can not go to bed only when you sleep. With mattress protector, you can go to bed at any time.

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