Ball mill is the main equipment of grinding process in cement, electric power, mine and other industries. Grinding ball is one of the main wearing parts of ball mill. Grinding balls should have both high wear resistance and high toughness. Its wear resistance plays an extremely important role in production. Therefore, it is extremely important to improve its hardness, impact resistance and wear resistance.

In order to improve the density of cast iron balls and reduce thermal cracking, Shenyang Gongda added different rare earth elements to improve the chemical composition and uniformity of cast iron balls. It has been successfully used in ball mills for cement production and has significantly improved the wear resistance of grinding balls.

A kind of grinding ball has been successfully put into production. It is made of ultra-high chromium wear-resistant alloy cast iron developed by ourselves. Due to its good wear resistance and toughness, the grinding ball made of it has been applied to the ball mill in the raw material workshop of the company's alumina plant and has achieved great success. The application of grinding balls made of this wear-resistant material has created very good economic benefits, which can be shown by the fact that the ball addition amount is half less than the original amount.

When using high chromium cast iron grinding balls, the actual working conditions must be considered. Especially the lining board matched with it must have enough hardness, otherwise it will wear too fast. How to deal with the contradiction between hardness and toughness, hardenability and alloy element content of grinding balls has always been an unsolved problem in actual production. Usually, high hardness leads to low toughness and high crushing rate. High content of alloy elements increases hardenability but increases cost.

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