Path of Exile 2 will compete directly with Diablo 4, and it has been confirmed that the game will be released in the next twelve months, and revealed and announced in it. The following is more detailed information about Path of Exile 2, provided by, and you also can Buy POE Orbs at our store.

Although many of us are hoping to spend some time with the Path of Exile 2 to kill the Diablo 4 monkeys, the latest news from Grinding Gear Games is not optimistic in this regard. Something tells us that instead, we will have to calculate dates on the calendar before the two games launch. The developers themselves issued a statement on Steam that revealed plans for 2020, including the exit of Path of Exile 2. As a free game, this continuation was announced during ExileCon 2019 last November. , Will be a global update for all users of the game, and it will be available with its version 4.0. However, the study has no plans to transition from 3.13 to the present within the next 12 months, so it is time to wait patiently.

In compensation, Grinding Gear Games promised four extensions to the course, the first of which will be announced at the end of February. It also ensures that seeing the Path of Exile 2 in the short term does not mean they will remain silent and promises to release news about the sequel during the next E3. As for the public beta of this version 4.0, which is planned to be announced in ExileCon this year, it is more bad news. According to the statement, it will ultimately depend on the progress of the work and is likely to be delayed.

How much do we know about the sequel?

For news fans, it's normal to see how hopefully everything in the sequel looks frustrating. An additional narrative arc with seven undisclosed acts, 19 new bloodlines, a skill system replaced by so-called "skill gems", a refurbished interface, and a primitive dark weird world. Legend is one of the biggest free-to-play hits in recent years, and it is so begging that it forces us to continue squeezing the current World of War Destruction, which offers a lot of things. Buy POE Orbs at, is provided for you to help you play better.