"Full Raiders" is one of the most famous franchises on the NFL, aired on Hollywood TV and has some super-renowned fans. That's why they are the best choice to move to Las Vegas this year. They are fun and stylish, but they also have three Super Bowls. Because of their previous success, they have some incredible legends and the deepest talent in the MUT. Owning them will be a great thing, can bring huge improvement to your team, don't be troubled by MUT 20 Coins, Buy MUT Coins at GameMS, enjoy the lowest price, best service.

Bo Jackson (95 OVR)

Bo Jackson is a bit of a mystery. For some, he is the best player ever, others claim that we will never know. Jackson has played in NFL and MLB baseball games. After playing four seasons in Raiders, he won 18 TDs, but his NFL career was shortened due to injuries.

Willie Brown (94 OVR)

Brown is a legend in the 1970s. He owns three times the Super Bowl and has previously held the longest interception record in the Super Bowl. In the first year of his qualifications, he was elected to the Professional Football Hall of Fame, which explains a lot.

Dave Casper (94 OVR)

Casper is another member of the Professional Football Hall of Fame in the 1970s. One of the most famous plays in the history of the Raiders he participated in was not two but two. "Ghosts on the Post" and "Holy Roller" are both dramas that have failed in NFL history.

Ray Guy (94 OVR)

The list of legends doesn't stop, we have another member of the Professional Football Hall of Fame and 3x Super Bowl champion from the same era. Guy was the first bettor in history in the first round. His playing time was shocking and allowed the screening team to reach the ball before it fell.

Josh Jacobs (93 OVR)

Not everyone has left the list. Jacobs holds Raidernation's future hopes. In the first round, the rookie was very impressive: 1,150 yards and 7 TDs.

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