I believe cheap OSRS gold many runescape gamers will complete the tutorial and then get lost and feel as though they don't know how to proceed and uninstall the app. OSRS is a little simplified using one tap battle and its controllers that brand new runescape players may feel familiar with it combat pub is a confusing jumble. Lastly not everyone has an current smartphone which may run the images of RS3 compared OSRS.

It's. That is no opinion. Christ are you blind to the country of runescape? Shit and new high level updates are what runescape. We want NEW runescape players and also for runescape players to return. That is ALL which should matter to anybody. Stop being so greedy. You would like runescape to stick around? Mobile is what's going to do it. 120s are for individuals currently spent in runescape. This new ability is for runescape gamers who are already playing. The level and mid level content needs to be overhauled. It blows my mind which you can be THIS short sided.

New runescape players are never going to play runescape and cellular is not going to bring them in.Want proof? Look at OSRS. Their population is currently back to pre-mobile numbers and they had the advantage of a simpler game/interface, increased presence on video/social networking, and being a favorite game.RS3 is bloated, complicated, and confusing (in addition to getting a dreadful interface). I agree that Jagex's content pipeline is fucked and not well suited to fresh runescape players. However, a mobile variant of the present sport (which doesn't attract new runescape players) isn't can you buy gold in runescape going to magically change things.