Freezer Features of the Big Size Freezer
Freestanding freezers do just one job: They freeze your food, and they do it well. But they also have some unique features that you can choose from.

compartment divider
Compartment Deep Freezers Chest freezers have a deep center and hold the most frozen food, but without dividers and baskets, you're likely to sneak into the freezer every time you want to get something out. Thankfully, most refrigerators have customizable interiors with plastic dividers that you can move around to suit your organizational style.

Upright refrigerators can also be customized. They have extra door shelves and interior shelves so you can organize your frozen meals. They're also roomy enough to accommodate large, oddly-shaped items.

door lock
Having a door lock on your refrigerator means you never have to worry about whether your kids can use it. Some freezer models also have an eject key feature that ejects the key when you lock it. That way you'll know you have your key and it's locked tightly.

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