When it comes to a steam press and an iron, which is the best wrinkle-removing weapon for the job? Is a steamer better than a hand-held iron? How about a handheld steamer? Can a steamer replace an iron?

   The first thing to say is that steamers offer the safest option for removing wrinkles with a natural look. Gentle enough to use on delicate clothes and fabrics like silk, it won't burn or cause accidental creases. Removes up to 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and dust mites.

   Its strengths lie in these points: kills bacteria, controls allergies, removes wrinkles, refreshes items between washes, and refreshes items that are not suitable for dry cleaning or laundry.

   Particularly suitable for: heat-sensitive materials such as silk and some synthetic materials Items made of crushable materials such as wool, velvet or corduroy suits and jackets, curtains, bed skirts, pillows

   Advantages of metal irons: crisp, clean finish, more efficient than steaming on durable cotton or wrinkle-prone linen, suitable for dress shirts, dress pants, tablecloths, linens, sheets, pillowcases.

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