The laminating machine can laminate paper, board and other products, so as to keep the color of the print pattern unchanged. Its laminating methods include cold laminating, hot laminating, and vacuum laminating. The working principle of the laminating machine is very simple. When working, the film is softened by components such as a rubber roller and a heating roller, and then the film and the printed matter are pressed together to form a paper-plastic laminated product.

What is the working principle of the laminating machine?

The working principle of the laminating machine is very simple. When working, the adhesive is coated on the plastic film through a roller coating device, and the film is heated by the hot press roller to soften the film, and then the printed matter is coated with the primer and the film are Press and pressed to form a paper-plastic laminated product. The coated product can increase the color effect and protect the color printed graphics and text, which is beneficial to prolong the service life of paper products.

Working quality standard of laminating machine

  1. The color of the printed pattern remains unchanged and does not change color under the sun, baking, and ultraviolet radiation.
  2. The film is bonded firmly, the film layer cannot be separated easily, the surface is clean and smooth, not fuzzy, with a good finish, no wrinkles and powder foil marks. Any wrinkles and creases are unqualified products.
  3. Laminated products must not be curled, the size after division is accurate, the edges are flat and smooth, and there should be no film or film loss. The breach does not exceed 4 mm.
  4. The degree of drying after the coating is appropriate without sticking to the surface. On the solid and dark areas where the ink is thicker, no sandy, streak, or worm-like film protrusions should appear.
  5. The product quality will remain unchanged for 10-20 hours after coating.

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