Latest Nike Jordan Sneakers has a wide range of sneakers, and there are countless classic shoe shapes and classic color schemes, including many popular color schemes like the Air Jordan 3 "True Blue". The whole shoe is made of full leather material, and the color matching is inspired by the True Blue color scheme of Air Jordan 3. The overall white frame is matched with gray pebbled leather on the toe cap, and the Nike Swoosh of black leather material in the middle of the shoe body is textured. good. The most eye-catching is the burst pattern on the heel and shoelace buckle, which is a classic element of the Air Jordan 3 shoe type. This time, the True Blue color matching will bring the burst to the Air Jordan 1. feel like that.
New Jordans Retro, The midsole is made of pure white rubber, and the outsole is the same blue rubber as the upper to complete the shoe design. The overall tone is full of retro milk tea color. The milk tea color canvas upper is matched with gray suede, which is completely different from the traditional Air Jordan 3 upper material. The red embellishment of details such as the shoelace hole and the Jumpman Logo on the heel of the tongue plays a role in the finishing touch. There is also a good identification in the elegance, which reflects a sense of vitality. In addition, the Air Jordan 3 itself is a tool for wearing, and the full Vibe style is even more. Add points.
2022 Jordan Release Shoes To Buy, As the alma mater of "Flying Man" Jordan, the University of North Carolina, the iconic blue of its school team has always been the classic color matching of Air Jordan series shoes. No matter which pair of shoes uses this color matching, it gives people a unique feeling. The toe and the surrounding area are complemented by North Carolina blue nubuck leather, while the frame and details of the shoe body are complemented by white foils. The overall visual experience is quite refreshing. The design of the tongue part is similar to the geometric texture of Air Jordan 7. The outer layer is covered with translucent rubber material, which has a hazy atomization effect, which is very special. The light blue jelly outsole is separated by a black midsole line, and the Jumpman Team label is the standard color matching of colleges in recent years, continuing the past specification tradition!