The best thing about 4x8 pvc foam board is the fact that it is sturdy and durable. These two factors combined make it a perfect candidate for getting multiple uses. In fact, the more you take care of it, the longer it will last.

The 4x8 pvc foam board have a foam core that is protected on both sides. Both sides of a 4x8 pvc foam board are printable, maximizing the coverage and exposure you are receiving from each sign. This sturdy construction allows for many different placement options. You will be able to hang your foam board sign, rest it against something or place it in a stand holder and more. The options are endless when displaying 4x8 pvc foam board sign.

The 4x8 pvc foam board sign will also not get damaged easily. It is very hard to damage and tearing is not a big concern at all unlike standalone poster board signs. Although they have a protective coating over it, it is advised not to have the 4x8 pvc foam board sign in areas where it could get wet. Constant exposure to liquids could damage the sign.

The 4x8 pvc foam board signs, overall, offer a unique option for displaying promotions, sales and other important information at a very affordable price. You can get your 4x8 pvc foam board in an unlimited number of sizes ranging from small to large, oversized options. Contact us to find the best size option for your business and create a custom 4x8 pvc foam board sign quickly and easily through our online upload option!