fluor free greaseproof paper is a relatively high-end paper. It is generally made of wood pulp, bamboo pulp, rag pulp and straw pulp. It also needs a lot of fillers and glue. It is copied on a fourdrinier paper machine and passed through. To put it simply, it is specially made of wood raw materials. Due to the use of all wood pulp raw materials, the paper without bleaching agent will retain the original light beige color.

For scientific research, the composition and processing technology of beige and beige Dowling paper are not the same. The actual meaning here is not great. After all, high-quality Dowling paper itself is beige, no matter the color of the paper in manufacturing. What changes have been made in the adjustment, and even the shades presented by different batches of paper, the pure Daolin paper will retain the original beige color.

By the way, the paper used daily will reflect the white light on the surface, and the beige gloss of the thermal transfer paper factory Daolin paper is lower than that of the milky white paper, which can relieve eye fatigue during the writing process, and thus achieve the effect of protecting eyesight. This is also the reason why more and more people choose Dowling paper.