Let me introduce a few tips for using scented candle:

No.1 Tips before use

There is a small special way to extend the time of the candle-put the candle in the refrigerator for 1 to 3 hours. The advantage of this is that it can slow down the burning speed of the candle. But this method cannot be used repeatedly on the same candle, otherwise, it will destroy the structure of the scented candle and cause many unpleasant problems when the candle burns!

No.2 The lighting of candles

When using a lighter or match to light a candle, be sure to put the candle in a sheltered place. The burning of the candle has a memory function, and it is the most important at the beginning. If it starts to be affected by wind or is not placed flat, it will cause the candle to burn unevenly, form dripping, or affect the appearance.

The first time the candle burns, it must be kept for 1 to 2 hours, so that when the candle is used in the future, the candle will burn fully and evenly, and the flame will be more beautiful! It is best to use it for the second time and beyond 4 hours!

No.3 Trim the candle wick

The wick must be trimmed, even if it is an imported wick, pay attention to it. In the beginning, reduce the candle wick to about 0.5cm, too long and too short will affect the burning of the candle.

During use, if the candlewick remains too long, you also need to trim it with a candle wick to prevent black smoke or uneven burning on one side!

No.4 Extinguish the candle

When extinguishing scented candles, do not blow them out directly with your mouth, otherwise, black smoke and unpleasant temperatures will be produced, even candles made of vegetable wax will have this phenomenon. We can use a professional candle hood to extinguish it, or we can use toothpicks and other tools to immerse the candle wick in a wax bath to extinguish the above phenomenon!

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