The WoW TBC ClassicT6 group copy has now been opened to the fifth CD, and the first CD after the WCL website is divided into the P3.5 stage has also ended.

At present, the top 5 Black Temple bosses with average second injuries include 4 national server players and 1 familiar American server player. It is worth mentioning that the top 5 players have different occupations. From this point of view, the black temple counts. It is a group copy with the best DPS career balance since the opening of Nostalgic Obedience at level 60. Many players are always concerned about what equipment is graduation equipment. Today, I will show you what equipment top WCL players wear and how much graduation gear there is.

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TOP1: The hunter's gear is not graduation at all. Although the two best parts of the eyepatch and bow are complete, only one T6 suit is worn, the weapon is also the snake bow and phoenix double-blade of the previous stage, and the accessories also use fine wine The festival spirit glass, the ability to use this equipment to hit the world's number one is entirely due to excellent output methods and team support.

TOP2: The equipment for thieves is quite luxurious, including double knives, 4T6, eye patch, Stormrage ring, dragon's spine, astral spiral and other BIS equipment. The only disadvantage is that there is no melee artifact Hundred Death Belt.

I have to say that in this version of the Minions with relatively weak overall output, it is indeed the right place and the right place to be able to use the thief to hit the second in the world. Although many players think that the thief has eaten too much team resources and it belongs to artificial gods, how many players who can hit the top 100 in the world really don't eat resources? Known as "24 Guarantee 1", the big A furious battle has only been ranked fifth in the world. It must be admitted that this thief player is indeed the best among the best, and I hope that his achievements can rekindle hope for more thieves players. , Minions are not really bad.

TOP3: Mage players are also familiar veterans of the WCL ranking list. Although the whole body equipment is not perfect, it is also very luxurious. Perhaps the reason for the low demand for haste in Austrian law, the best haste equipment such as the ancient head, dog stick, ring of ancient knowledge, etc. did not appear in the player's equipment list, and the equipment of chaos + black book can also come out on top. Of course, I don't recommend other players to copy the master's outfits without thinking, because sometimes it's not that they don't want it, but they don't.

TOP4: A Warlock player, judging from the necklace, should be a Fire Destruction Warlock. The whole body equipment is almost perfect for graduation. The two highlights are Illidan's Healing Rapid Cloak and Expedition Cards. It seems that the masters have their own understanding. The Warlock has been stabilized by Arcane in the output limit since the P2 stage. This player proved that Destruction still has a chance to reach the top after the rapid equipment is formed. WOW TBC Classic players of course want to Buy Cheap TBC Classic Gold, I'm one of them, there is TBC Classic Gold for Sale at MMOSO. It's safe and reliable, so I trust them a lot, and it saves me a lot of time grinding gold myself.

TOP5: It is the familiar American server big A violent battle, and the fitting idea is basically in line with the mainstream BIS fittings. Orc Furious War No Egg Knife can choose to replace the previous forging rapid hammer with a double S3 axe, betrayal can replace the badge of the swarm guardian, and the S3 honorary armor breaking ring is also a good choice in addition to the egg ring.
Facts have proved that graduation gear has a relatively limited impact on output. Different outfits are suitable for different teams. Output methods and team resources are often more important than graduation equipment. It is recommended that players who are looking for DPS should not blindly pursue full-body graduation equipment, and do not blindly copy it. Other people's equipment, more research on master output details or finding a team with better output resources, may be more helpful to improve DPS. WOW TBC Classic Gold is very important at TBC Classic and has many uses. There is also Classic TBC Gold For Sale, you can buy not only TBC Classic Gold but also wow 9.2 gold at