First of all, let me tell you that the types of electric irons can be divided into ordinary type, temperature adjustment type, steam spray type, and so on. The steam iron garment steamers are also a derivative of the electric iron.

   Steam irons not only have the function of temperature regulation, but also can generate steam, and some have spray devices, which reduces the trouble of manual water spraying because its panel has a unique design, and several holes are reserved as needed to open the steam. When the switch is turned on, water will be exposed to high temperature and become water vapor, which makes the ironing effect better, and can also achieve the purpose of protecting the clothes, and at the same time, it has a certain sterilization function.

   Both steam irons and garment steamers are evolved from electric irons. Their functions are to iron the clothes flat. Let me briefly talk about the differences between them.

  About the ironing effect

  The steam iron itself is small in size and can be controlled freely when used. Depending on the ironing force and angle, the desired effect can be achieved. It has a good pressing effect and makes the clothing line feel better. And some clothes ironing machines cannot produce good line effect for clothes such as trousers. But it can be used when ironing most clothes.

  Difficulty of operation

  The use of a steam iron has high requirements on the user's craftsmanship and requires certain skills. For some light and thin clothes, pay attention to prevent burns. The spray head of the garment steamer is far away from the steam engine, so it is not easy to burn the clothes. When using it, you only need to align the jet port with the applicable scene of the clothes.

  Steam irons are generally small and ideal for use in the home without taking up much space. Due to the convenience of operation, the vertical garment steamer is large in size, and different types are suitable for use in families, business trips, clothing stores, etc.

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