International brokers refer to the brokers of the import business in the exporting country, and its function is to contact buyers and sellers to conclude transactions. According to the field of activity of international brokers, it can be divided into two categories, namely international trade brokers and international financial brokers. As a professional purchasing agency, 21 Century Columbus has rich experience in the international trade industry, especially import and export trade, and has a good understanding of the quality requirements of international brokers.

Since the business of international brokers is an international brokerage business, the complexity and variability of the international market, as well as differences in non-economic factors such as national culture and religion, make it more complex and difficult to engage in multinational brokerage business. Higher demands are placed on international brokers. The basic qualities of an international broker should include the following aspects.

international brokers

1. Understand and master enough international market information.

Only when international brokers have a good understanding of the environment and characteristics of the international market, and master the changes in the international market, can they combine their own advantages and characteristics to formulate an international market strategy that conforms to the objective situation, and can successfully help customers enter the international market.

2. Understand the business habits of other countries or regions.

Business habits are very different in today's international market, because different countries or regions have their own cultural background and habits, and they will continue to change with the development of economy and culture. Business practices are actually a part of the social culture of various countries. If international brokers do not know or know very little about them, it is difficult or impossible to engage in normal international brokerage business.

3. Master a wealth of business and management knowledge.

International brokers must have a considerable understanding of import and export trade regulations, customs declaration, inspection and other procedures, foreign exchange, international investment, transportation, insurance and other businesses and their operations, otherwise they will encounter various problems and disputes at any time. International brokers must always strengthen their modern management capabilities in order to compete with other peers.

4. Master superb marketing skills.

In addition to using international market information appropriately and skillfully, international brokers also need to master the special methods and skills of international marketing. If international brokers want to enter the international market, they must learn to drill into the unpopularity of the international market. Drilling into unpopular products can avoid squeezing the same road with other people's products, crashing into the market, and preventing business slumps.

5. Understand the culture, customs and language of other countries or regions.

Most of the clients faced by international brokers are residents or organizations of other countries or regions. Therefore, in the process of intermediary, there will inevitably be cross-cultural collisions with clients or clients. If the international broker is familiar with the culture and habits of other countries or regions, and is proficient in the other party's language, then the distance between the two sides will be shortened, the negotiation of the brokerage project will be more harmonious, and the success rate will be doubled.

As an important part of international trade, international brokers should enhance the professional quality of the above five aspects in the process of work. If you still have any questions, please contact us.