If you’re looking for a new bedding, you’ve surely faced the dilemma of being confronted with too many of a good thing. Nowadays, you can pick from a myriad of options for your sheets. Which is the best material for bed sheets? Cotton? Silk? Bamboo? Flannel? Linen? Or a mix of different materials? 

Most people spend significant time researching pillows and mattresses, however, when it comes to sheets for beds, they choose the cheapest ones they can.

The purchase of low-cost bed sheets is a huge mistake since sheets can have as much influence on your sleep. If you’ve ever stayed the night in a luxurious hotel with best bed sheets, you’ll know the meaning behind what I’m saying.

When you shop for sheets for your bed, aside from the fabric and bed sheet sizes, one of the most important decisions to make is the bed sheets thread count to pick.
Thread count describes the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric, including the threads that run both longways and crossways. Generally speaking, a higher count indicates a softer material for good bed sheets. Different kinds of fabric feel most comfortable with varying thread counts.
Different sheets have different textures and have different feel in the different range of thread count. You should aim for thread counts between 200 and 800, however, remember to pay to the fabric weave, the finish and to fully comprehend the whole picture.

Does Weave Type Matter?

Short answer, not really. The weave type is another factor you may encounter when shopping, however it’s not as important as thread counts. It could have a slight impact, so it’worth knowing the three most common weave types:
Sateen – A weave that produces lustrous and soft. The sateen weave gives you the luxurious, satiny feeling.
Twill – Twill style have the appearance of diagonal lines across the surface, like that seen in denim. Twill bed sheets are generally strong and durable and drape well, offers you a crisper, grid-like pattern.
Percale – Percale is a weave that is considered standard. It’s a crisscross design with each side featuring the equal amount of thread for the surface. Percale is strong, light and breathable, but it can be a bit rough. The weave typically results in a more matte finish.
The best sheets are essential to a restful night’s sleep. After all, it’s difficult to be comfortable when you’re wrapped up in scratchy material or a fabric that makes you feel too hot. Since nothing is worse than bedding that is constantly needing replacement, you’ll require sheets that will last.

Finally, doing a bit of research into the product description before you make a purchase can make a big difference! Make sure you investigate to find out how well the product fits your personal needs so you can make your bed as comfortable as possible.