The Global Pharmaceutical Packaging Market was valued at US$ 91,546.3 Million in 2019 and is expected to reach US$ 1,58,656.6 Million by 2027 growing at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.12% during the forecast period.

The Market is studied through the below listed segments. This segmentation has been built taking in account the material impact that each of these segments have on the overall ecosystem of the Pharmaceutical Packaging Market.

By Product
Plastic Bottle
Parenteral Container
Blister Packing
Specialty Bags

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The Parenteral Container sub-segment has the largest impact on the Pharmaceutical Packaging Market when segmented By Product with a share of ~22%

Material Type
Aluminum Foils
Plastics & Polymers
Paper & Paperboards

The Plastics & Polymers sub-segment has the largest share in the Pharmaceutical Packaging Market when segmented Material Type with a share of ~35%

Regional Analysis:
From a geographic segmentation perspective, the report focuses on the regions that have a material and significant effect on the market dynamics. The broad level coverage of the report includes the regions and key countries within the regions of Global, North America, Europe, APAC, MEA

The North America Region has the largest share in the Pharmaceutical Packaging Market from a Geographic Analysis point of view with a share of ~44%

The Global Composites Market was valued at USD 91.6 Bn in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 147.7 Bn by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 7.1% during the forecast period. The market will benefit from increasing demand from automotive and aerospace industries.

Competitive Landscape:
The Pharmaceutical Packaging Market is fairly fragmented. While the key companies continue to drive innovation and, in most cases, adopt digital transformations, the overall competitive ecosystem is dominated by Market leaders as well as emerging players with niche offerings.

This Pharmaceutical Packaging Market report profiles some of the key market players while reviewing significant market developments and strategies adopted by them.
While looking at Organic and Inorganic strategies separately, the report studies not only outlook based (short-mid-long term), but also strategy based (strategic vs operational) market activity.

Key Companies profiled in this report include:
Amcor Ltd

Aptar Group, Inc.

Catalent Inc.

CCL Industries Inc.

Becton, Dickinson and Company

Gerresheimer AG

West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

Nipro Corporation

Berry Global Group, Inc.

SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Packaging

While most of the Key Profiles are of Market Leaders, the profiling involves coverage of the market ecosystem. Based on the Market Strategy that a client is exploring, the Competitive Landscape is customized to make the CI data more actionable and relevant for the strategy execution.
Company profiles usually include:
Company Overview

Performance Overview

Products / Services Overview

Recent Developments

The Covid19 pandemic has transformed the market landscape. The second-wave in 2021 has highlighted the importance of Business Resilience and is putting lot of impetus on the business strategies involving bottom-line management like vendor-management, cost-optimization, etc., This report covers the aftermath of the Covid19 catastrophe and the key trends that need to be incorporate in Business plans.

Report Customization:
Our dynamic and proprietary data-mining technology has given us the flexibility to maintain both precision and speed while delivering exclusive and custom insights to our clients.
We conduct customization of the Research data on all key fronts • Regional, Segment, Competitive landscape level. For every report-purchase, we offer 25 free analyst-hours to address critical factor sought in the Research activity

Report Scope:
From a business-objective perspective, the Report details out the key take-aways necessary to formulate business strategies like:
New product launch
New client acquisition
New opportunity mapping (market level and geography level)
Competitive benchmarking
Cost optimization strategies
Inorganic expansion plans
......and more.