Second time I've had the need to type this article, because my damn netbook mouse forced me to erase my post RuneScape Gold. So, to sum up what I wrote"Stronghold" of Security/Stronghold Player Security. In Barbarian village, and a little south of Edgeville as well, both offer 10K and an ExP light or two.

After that, primary PK'ing as well as money making. First of all, the account you're looking at currently is known as a "MAIN" (although generally not in caps :o ) This means you'll be able to learn all of the skills, and just generally try to max out. PvPing as a main is very easy and DOES NOT take specific skill requirements, UNLESS YOU MADE A PVM ACCOUNT. (PvM is, in fact means Player versus monster that is, an account that is primarily designed for killing monsters) Anyway, what I mean, is that PvP for mains is quite easy to do.

Be sure that your strength is always higher than your defense or attack by about 5-10 levels. You should also have the ability to repress and rage. I'm aware that these are a lot of terms used by members - but honestly, I'd kind of recommend disregarding my advice until you're around 120 CB and you know what 'Vengeance' as well as 'Turmoil are. (You PvP lurkers - feel free to post a message to me, because I see it coming. My preparation was to prepare myself with a bucket full of water.)

Next, monkey making - to be honest there are a lot of ways most of Sal's members made their money is old-fashioned or require impressive statistics. Some things I'm pretty certain are quite sound RS3 Gold. First the pottery you make will yield around 50K in an hour, which is fine for your level (fun point - I never attain more than 100K until I was at level 63. Also, before you decide you're not doing well, consider broke ol' me, a few years ago).