Do not try to request an unwelcome reduction or cut out the gallery

 It's perfectly fine to bargain prices -- up to a certain point. weddingup wedding up Website 

 Major museums and collectors can enjoy 20% off. A lot of haggling could reflect badly on you and result in a "do" in the eyes of museums or collectors.

 If your methods are aggressive or aggressive, you should not be listed as a "not-sell" list. joyfulwedding joyful wedding 

 In addition, you shouldn't try to circumvent a gallerist and purchase directly from the artist they represent. This puts the artist and their gallery in a bad position.

 It could jeopardize their professional relationships as well as harm your reputation with dealers. It could also adversely affect your ability to sell works.

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 The future.


 Do: Request a condition report

 You can request a condition report at any gallery, auction house, or directly from an art dealer.

 For works from the past, particularly those from the "secondary" market.

 While there isn't a one-size fits all template for condition reports there are some common standards. Many condition reports will include an illustration.

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 This artwork is marked with notes on any markings. Here's an example of a condition report from Georgia O'Keeffe.