"ambition", "organized", "bold", "experimental"--anything you want to cultivate in your upcoming year. This word will be the focal aspect of the entire.

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 Think about your goals and plans.

 It is difficult to pick one word or goal for an entire year. Entrepreneurs and artists recognize that there are seasons for their businesses. There are different seasons

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 call for different goals as well as "vision words". It is not uncommon for the start of the year to be very different from the holiday season, workshop season and art fair season.

 forget about a season for rest and regeneration.

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 It is possible to be off-track when your vision and goals remain identical throughout the entire year. Setting quarterly goals and creating a

 Different words per quarter will allow you to stay aligned with your mission and goals as an artist and entrepreneur. The breaking down of your goals into quarters can also help you to better understand your goals.

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 You can focus on one aspect of your business at a time, and adapt as needed for the time of year.

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 Do a goal check against your "why"

 A Why is more motivating than a list of revenue or sales goals. Think about the reason why you want to achieve 10 million dollars in art sales this year.