It is important to capture photos of the process of packing before unwrapping any artwork. How were the edges of the artwork wrapped properly? Often, loanfund loan fund Website 

 If the artwork is not handled correctly the artwork may break or show indications of breaking or tearing. This is particularly the case for media with weak edges.

 Consider photographic prints on thin aluminum sheets or works on paper.

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 Get in touch with the gallery as soon as you can.

 The gallery can be reached to send all documentation regarding the damage as soon as you can. The documentation includes all photographs taken of the damage.

 Damage, and notes on the severity of the damage. You can also include your condition report, although the gallery should have one.

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 shipment. You can find condition report templates here, as well as an excellent overview of the best practices for.

 It is important to keep track of all your artworks' condition reports.

 The piece can be resold at a later time. Artwork Archive allows collectors to keep their information together with the artwork.

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 create reports for insurance, resales appraisals, and insurance.